I was so impressed with myself – my 1st conference in German that I could actually follow – Fantastic! So 1 year of German lessons are finally starting to pay off. The venue was also stunning with a view across Lake Zurich that I kept getting distracted by.

Lunchtime view over Lake Zurich

My favourite talk was by Christian Harbeke about the new train design developed for SBB CFF FFS. The most astounding fact is that the project ran over 5 years from RFQ to completion. Also, their team was only 4 people, who tackled this mammoth task. From making the hand rails visible for disabled users to the height of the train floor (compensating for different platform heights in different countries), this train really covers it all. A feat of modern design engineering! Read more about it here.

Giruno – the new Gottard train

My least favourite part of the conference was that of 6 talks, 3 were about designing for disabilities. Together with these 3 and 2 at my previous conference a month ago, that makes 5 in just over a month. Just too much repetition for my liking.