I’ve recently moved from a large city (Cape Town, South Africa) to a little cow village in the south of Switzerland. There are many cultural complications with this move. Least expected is how small my mind has become. I really have to try hard to remember that there is a very large world outside of my daily interaction zone. So, part of my self-medication is to force interaction with big-city-folk 🙂 Enter the #INSTAMEET!

I joined a small group of 5 Instagrammers from #IgersZurich on Saturday to capture the beautiful Seleger Moor Rhododendron’s which are currently blooming. What a perfectly peaceful and magnificent soul food spot. This park gets 40 000 visitors every year but they are obviously well hidden in the foliage, as it did not feel busy at all.

The landscaping has created natural rooms and so, while you are surrounded by people, it is often as though you are alone. Just perfect. And each little room has something special to offer, from Rhododendron’s and Azalea’s in every imagineable colour, to frogs, water lilies, tree ferns, birds, art. There’s even a wild bee hotel!

We stopped for lunch inside the park and the prices were very reasonable, with a simple and basic menu on offer. There is also a wonderful nursery at the entrance so take a little extra spending money with you. The cost for entrance was just CHF12 and CHF4 extra to park my car. For a day’s outing, great value!